Orientation Detials

9 Miles to Roosevelt Island & Back

Hey come and run with the best group ever!!!! ??

We are doing 9 miles for the full group and a variety of other lengths for members via the weekly email’s.

Late registration is doable if you’re in shape to join us. Talk to a coach!

Keep the Pace
Coach Chris

Happy 4th to all!

6 Miles into DC

I think we shall be avoiding the rain, lets hope.

6 Miles for the Full.


5 Mile Loop – Stay Hydrated!

Hydration Tips
1. Hydrate throughout the day. Drink water when you wake, with each meal and snack, and one hour before bed.
2. Hydrate during training runs that last longer than 60 minutes. This is very specific to the individual regarding exactly how much, but the caution here is to not overdrink.
3. Use urine color pre-training sessions to assess hydration status. If your urine is a darker color, drink one to two cups of water before the training session begins.
4. Don’t try new ways to hydrate on race day. For the day of the marathon, decide whether you will carry any fluids (and fuel for that matter) with you or rely on the aid stations. If you decide to rely on the aid stations, look on the website to see what products they will have and test these out during your training runs (gels, sport drinks, gummies, etc).
5. Have a plan outlined for race day. Decide: Will you be drinking water at every other aid station and a sports drink at the alternation aid stations? Try to stick with the plan, and try to practice this plan during your training as well.
6. Don’t do anything different on the day of the marathon.


Not too Late!

3 Miles Saturday, May 27 – 9:00 AM Start!!!

Please join the USA FIT DC Fitter’s as we run a three mile out and back this Saturday. Run in a group and beat that potential thunderstorm!


3 Miles out and back (1.5)

3 Miles out and back (1.5)


Orientation / Kickoff with Optional Time trial (3 Miles) Saturday, May 20 – 9:00 AM Start!!!

Yes, we will be having Fall orientation Saturday and will also have onsite registration. If you are unable to make you can still register online here

We are all excited to see our returning and new members. If you do miss orientation do not worry as you will be able to catch up on our first day of training on Saturday, May 27.

Program Dates:
May 20, 2017 – 9 AM
May 27, 2017 – 9 AM

We are looking forward to seeing all of our new and returning members!


Registration Opens in MAY

Welcome to USA FIT DC! and thank you for taking the courageous step to change your life!
Online Registration is scheduled for May 15th to June 10th.
On site registration and orientations are all at 9:00 a.m. at Long Bridge Park, 475 Long Bridge Dr., Arlington, VA 22202.  We will be training for the Marine Corps Marathon and Half Marathon on October 22, 2017.
Saturday 20 May
Saturday 27 May
Saturday 3 June

We are thrilled to have you and look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Christopher Dean, Director, USA FIT DC

15 – Stay on target

OK so we are not Jedi that need to keep our targeting computer up, or are we? 15, wow. Remember when if I had said lets do 15 and you be all like, nah.


Hey 15!




Maybe you are not as excited as I am but hey we will all be bragging after this. Or is that just me?

I mean after 30 years of running, I still think its awesome. I love cartoons but this is better time spent.

13 Miles via Capital Building – looping the mall

Well I hope that you all found a way to run through that heat spell we just had. For those that skipped running the 11 miles last week – no worries, you can do this!




Paid members saw a newsletter that covered:

Secrets of Marathoning Key Points

  • How and why to use mental imagery
  • Building a routine, and its benefits
  • What to do during the race
  • Key post race recovery activities

11 Miler to Georgetown and back

11 Miles to Georgetown and back

WOW 11 already seems like just weeks ago we did 3 miles. | 9 Miles use the Eisenhougher Parking lot to turn around.


  • Start at Long Bridge Park
  • Trail to Mount Vernon
  •     Half and walkers – turn around at Roosevelt Island parking lot.
  • North to Key Bridge
  • Turn Right into Francis Scott Park (Far side of bridge)
  • Loop Handicap ramp on foot bridge
  • Go back


9 Miles To Haynes Point

9 Miles To Haynes Point

  1. Out to the Pentagon
  2. Use the Island Bridge
  3. I395 Bridge
  4. Reflecting Pool Side of Jefferson Memorial
  5. Haynes Point
  6. Back via 395 Bridge, Island, Pentagon to Long Bridge Park





6 Miles South on Mount Vernon Trail

6 Miles South on Mount Vernon Trail



Going to be hot, be safe bring water.


July 16th – 8 Miles All

Getting to the end of the duel miles. 8 for all!

7th st 8 miler


7 Miles – July 9, 2016

OK out and Back: Key Bridge

Green (7 Miles) aka 14 minutes or faster pacers.

  1. North on Long Bridge
  2. North to North Pentagon parking Lot
  3. North onto Route 27 connector (this will bring us to Mount Vernon Trail)
  4. North on Mount Vernon Trail to end, at Roslynn, VA
  5. Right to Key Bridge
  6. Half way across
  7. Turn around go back to Long Bridge Park.

Purple and Walkers (6 Miles) aka 14 minutes or longer pacers.

Same as above for 1-4. Turn around after Roosevelt Island parking lot to go back.


Six Miles for the Holiday Weekend

Six Miles this Saturday. We are doing an Out and Back down Army Navy Drive. Happy 4th of July to all!



Saturday June 28 Map

Out and back this weeks means we can see you! Support your team mates as we run and Down and Up run from Crystal City to South of the Airport on the Mount Vernon Trail.

5 Miles MT Vernon Trial O&B


Course Map for MCM

All here is the map and link for the MCM this year. The USA FIT DC runs go over a large portion of the course. We will continue this approach as we gain miles. Currently, we have gone over about 5 miles of the course, including our starting road of Long Bridge!

USAFIT DC is catered to the 2016 MCM.

USAFIT DC is catered to the 2016 MCM.

And yes as we discussed the course does indeed go up the Rock Creek Parkway, an uphill journey. That part of the course is similar to the Cheery Blossom 10 Miler course (if you have ran that).



Six Miles June 18

The schedule has Green group at 6 and the purple at 5. If purple runners want they can join us on the 6 mile course since it is new and fun, other wise the 5 milers are doing the same course as last week.


6 Miles




5 miles

June 11 – 5 Miles for All

Week 4 and Week 5 Schedules

Week 4 06/18 – 06/24 – Meeting Time: 7AM
Sat. 06/18 – 6 MILES
Sun. 06/19 – OFF
Mon. 06/20 – 40 MINUTES / e
Tue. 06/21 – 55 MINUTES / hills
Wed. 06/22 – OFF
Thu. 06/23 – 45 MINUTES / e
Fri. 06/24 – OFF

Week 5 06/25 – 07/1 – Meeting Time: 7AM
Sat. 06/25 – 5 MILES
Sun. 06/26 – OFF
Mon. 06/27 – 45 MINUTES / e
Tue. 06/28 – 5o MINUTES / hills
Wed. 06/29 – 20 MINUTES / e
Thu. 06/30 – 40 MINUTES / tempo
Fri. 07/01 – OFF


Coach Chris

June 11 – 5 Miles for All

Well if we can do 4 we can do 5. This time lets go North on GW Trial and come back through the Pentagon.


Note: The last 1/10th mile of this is on a road with no sidewalk. being a corridor between Long Bridge park and the Pentagon I expect it to have no to super low traffic in the AM, but be careful.

Week 2 and Week 3 Schedules

OK I promised a posted schedule but in absence of the web site updates this is our training this week and next till USA FIT updates us. Remember these are times, so running 40 minutes on Tuesday is the goal at a pace that you can speak at, similar to the long run pace.

Week 2 06/4 – 06/10 – Meeting Time: 7AM
Sat. 06/4 – 4 MILES
Sun. 06/5 – OFF
Mon. 06/6 – 35 MINUTES
Tue. 06/7 – 40 MINUTES
Wed. 06/8 – OFF
Thu. 06/9 – 30 MINUTES
Fri. 06/10 – OFF

Week 3 06/11 – 06/17 – Meeting Time: 7AM
Sat. 06/11 – 5 MILES
Sun. 06/12 – OFF
Mon. 06/13 – 40 MINUTES
Tue. 06/14 – 45 MINUTES
Wed. 06/15 – OFF
Thu. 06/16 – 40 MINUTES
Fri. 06/17 – OFF

Coach Chris

June 4, 2016 Route

This week all groups are going out to 4-mile run and up the Mount Vernon Trial back to Water Fall Park and then back to Long Bridge Park. Schedule on-line is not updated.
June 4, 2016 Route

Kickoff Time Trial

Thanks for everyone coming and all those who returned and spoke up about our group. Check out a pic for the group run.

Photo Gallery

New season kicks off May 28th!

Welcome to USA FIT DC! and thank you for taking the courageous step to change your life!

Registration and orientation will be held on May 28th at 9:00 a.m. at Long Bridge Park, 475 Long Bridge Dr., Arlington, VA 22202.  We will be training for the Marine Corps Marathon and Half Marathon on October 30, 2016.

We are thrilled to have you and look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Chirstopher Dean, Director, USA FIT DC