5 Mile Loop – Stay Hydrated!

Hydration Tips
1. Hydrate throughout the day. Drink water when you wake, with each meal and snack, and one hour before bed.
2. Hydrate during training runs that last longer than 60 minutes. This is very specific to the individual regarding exactly how much, but the caution here is to not overdrink.
3. Use urine color pre-training sessions to assess hydration status. If your urine is a darker color, drink one to two cups of water before the training session begins.
4. Don’t try new ways to hydrate on race day. For the day of the marathon, decide whether you will carry any fluids (and fuel for that matter) with you or rely on the aid stations. If you decide to rely on the aid stations, look on the website to see what products they will have and test these out during your training runs (gels, sport drinks, gummies, etc).
5. Have a plan outlined for race day. Decide: Will you be drinking water at every other aid station and a sports drink at the alternation aid stations? Try to stick with the plan, and try to practice this plan during your training as well.
6. Don’t do anything different on the day of the marathon.


Not too Late!